Winds of rebellion in the United States

Images of last year in Quito, Santiago de Chile and Hong Kong are being replicated in Minneapolis, New York and Los Angeles. For the first time since the pandemic blew up, the coronavirus crisis is in a second political plane, displaced by the rebellion


Socialism or Barbarism International Current Stament 

After decades of neoliberal consensus, of alternance in power of democrats and republicans who answer without variation to the same interests, the discontent of the masses seems to have blown up in the heart of imperialism. The youth and the workers already had several years of tonification of their organizations after years and years of defeat: the Black Lives Matter, the movilizations of women movements against Trump, the movement for the fifthteen dollars an hour of the precarized workers, even the sympathy Sanders’s campaign aroused, were signals that something new was about to born in the United States. Now, the spark of rebellion burst forth.

Not coincidentally, the outburst occurs now, after the huge social catastrophe that the pandemic has meant. The genocidal negationist policies of Trump made the United States be the country where the coronavirus gave the hardest blow: millions of infected, more than one hundred thousand deaths, 20 millions new unemployed… the world’s major power is experiencing its most serious crisis in recent history.

The coronavirus crisis had a much larger impact among people of color, and the racist yankee State only made things worse. Taking the chance, in the midst of the quarantine to double down on the criminalization of people of African descent. There are 23 thousands black people dead and 93 percent of those detained in New York on quarantine are Afro American. The pandemic hits the masses in a selective way because of the capitalist and racist social structure of the United States: their foremost victims are the oppressed and the exploited.

«I can’t breathe». The viralized scene of George Floyd’s devious racist murder was the spark that ignited the powder keg. Tiredness and immense accumulated hatred erupted in Minneapolis to later spread to the whole country. The scenes of buildings and police cars caught on fire, with the repressive forces of the state in a defensive position against the movilizations, put the political regime against the wall.

The pandemic has meant a generalized backstep for the wave of popular rebellions that blew up last year. However, the immense capitalist crisis that coronavirus implied seems to be reactivating the class struggle after that impasse, moving the center of the protests from Santiago de Chile and Hong Kong to the heart of worldwide imperialism. The scenes that have been seen in the last hours in the most wealthy and unequal cities of the United States are eloquent: the immensity of the outburst in Minneapolis, the retreat of police in New York, the outburst in Los Angeles, the extension of the mobilization in the east, west, north and south of this enormous country tells us clearly that the spark of rebellion has blown up in the United States in a way it has not been seen in a long time.

The polarization can only deepen with a monster like Donald Trump in the White House. For the armed white fascist-like groups that demanded the return to work and occupied a capital with their reactionary claims, Trump didn’t have but words of comprehension. For Minneapolis he had an infinitely different answer: he sent the National Guard to suppress the protests, almost militarizing the city, and said on twitter that » when the looting starts, the shooting starts», making no attempt at concealing his request to shoot black people.

In Hong Kong the masses faced the anti democratic advances of the PC regime, in Chile the remains of the Pinochetist regime, in Quito the neoliberal government. The cycle of rebellions have arrived in the US, its depth is still to be seen but these days are already living history.

The International Current Socialism or Barbarism repudiates the murder of George Floyd and stands in support of the movilization and rebellion of the black people against state racism. We repudiate Trump’s provocations and his repressive response to the mobilization.

We unconditionally defend the right to protest, against the repressive plans and budget reduction policies of the capitalist governments.




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